Tuesday, 10 May 2016


If you didn't already know I'm a huge lover of Matcha and Green Tea. Matcha tea is a form of green tea, with green tea you infuse the leaves in water and then strain and discard them. Matcha tea is the whole leaf that has been dried and ground down into a fine powder. Matcha tea is said to have 10 X more more goodness and antioxidant power than green tea. Matcha is well known for its fat-burning capabilities, cancer preventing powers and mental stimulation and clarity. 

(Above is a graph from Pure Chimp website comparing antioxidants in Match Tea with superfoods)

I was so pleased to be gifted by Pure Chimp to try out their Mint Matcha Green Tea. Pure Chimp sell a small variety of Matcha Tea as well as some skincare products and gift boxes. They do a 100% natural Super skin cleanser which sounds really interesting you can check that out here

I chose to try out their Mint Matcha Tea as it sounded like a interesting twist on regular Matcha Tea. Their Mint Flavoured Matcha is much sweeter than regular Matcha. I liked the taste of their tea however I would say I prefer just plain regular Matcha tea. I think thats down to drinking it so often that I've become accustomed to its bitter taste. I know most people also find Matcha/Green tea quite bitter and like to sweeten it up if thats you, I'd say this is tea is perfect for you. I found Pure Chimp's tea of great quality and I love that it comes with a perfect sized little scoop. Im nearly out of my tea already! I think ill be going for their regular Matcha Tea next.  

Heres how to make traditional Matcha Tea
First sift the specified amount of matcha powder through a small sifter into a bowl. The pure chimp matcha powder comes with a scoop I usually add one whole scoop. If no scoop or measurements are provided use 1/2 - 1 tsp of match powder depending on how strong you like your tea.
Next add a small amount of your hot water (preferably just below the boil) to the bowl just enough to make a thick paste, ensure all powder has been mixed in well with the water and try to get rid of any lumps of powder.
Then add the rest of your hot water to the bowl and use your bamboo whisk in zigzag motion as appose to circular to whisk the tea vigorously until frothy. I think traditionally Matcha is drank as a smaller amount of stronger tea than the everyday sized mugs we use today for our teas but you can choose how diluted you'd like to drink it. I personally make just a little less than a mug sized amount of Matcha tea. If you do not have a bamboo whisk you can whisk the tea by any means you like.
If were going all out traditional then enjoy your tea straight from the bowl alternatively transfer the tea into a mug.
If you like your tea a little sweeter then add a teaspoon of honey and mix well

Are you a lover of Matcha/Green tea like me? 


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