Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Don't skip breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, its not a saying for no reason! Breakfast is my favourite meal I get so hungry in the mornings I cant cope without it! I'd also be so tired all day if I didn't eat breakfast, I find if I have a big breakfast my energy lasts longer than a small one, a breakfast bar just doesn't cut it! Some people say they don't feel like eating in the morning and that's because your not eating in the morning ... therefore your body is not telling itself its hungry at that time of the day.  Forcing yourself to eat can be off putting or make you feel a bit sick but I can assure you after the initial few days of eating breakfast your body will start to automatically feel hungry at that time and you just like me will be a big lover of breakfast and its energy boosting powers.

B12 Boost oral spray
A few months ago I went into Holland and Barrett I was feeling tired a lot and light headed I thought I may need a iron supplement but after speaking to the guy in there he advised me to take this B12 Boost oral spray so I thought id give it a try and I love it! You can take up to four sprays a day so it keeps giving you little boosts all throughout the day.  Here's what it provides you with:

Nutritional Information
Product Information

Per Dose (4 Sprays Contains):
Vitamin B121200µg
Green Tea Extract16mg

Warning: its super tasty be careful not to get carried away spraying!

Establishing a good routine is vital for your energy levels especially keeping up with regular sleeping and eating times. Going to bed at the same time every night will make your body tired around the same time each night and give you a good nights sleep to re-energize for a new day. You must have at some point kept to some sort of a routine with sleep and did you ever find your body just naturally woke itself up? Ive had it before where I've woken up with literally a few minutes before my alarm goes off ... now that's good routine right there! I always find oversleeping actually makes me more tired and obviously so does not getting enough.

Early Exercise
Exercising gives you a boost of energy so getting some early exercise in can keep you going for the day and have your more focused. Exercising late in the day or evening can actually keep you from sleeping as your energy levels would have risen which will also then affect your routine.

Snack on bananas or nuts 
The natural sugars of a banana give you energy lots of athletes swear by bananas for boosting energy levels. Nuts are packed with both protein and fibre which help boost your energy and also keep it stable, they also provide a source of magnesium also linked to boosting energy. Both these foods are slow burning and provide a source of sustainable energy, you could also try a organic peanut butter snack as a alternative. Don't go crazy on the snacking though as over eating can make you sleepy, so maybe start off with one banana or one handful of nuts at a time.

Do you have any tips for boosting energy?
Have any of these tips worked for you before?


Friday, 25 March 2016


First of all I'd be a total liar if I said I constantly have smooth legs because I don't, far from it especially in winter! (poor boyf) but on the occasions I do want super smooth legs I follow these steps ...

Step 1: Run a warm bath
Getting in a warm bath will help open your pores which will give you a closer shave. Avoid hot water as it can dry out your skin and increase the risk of razor burn.

Step 2: Exfoliate
Exfoliate your legs using any method of exfoliation you choose (mitt, loafer, scrub, brush) use circular motions on the skin against the hair growth this will also help open the pores by getting rid of dead skin. Exfoliating can also reduce the chances of getting in grown hairs.

Step 3: Shave
Shave your legs against the growth of the hair, rinsing the razor after each stroke. Using a good razor is obviously going to make all the difference, disposables simply wont do. I have used a few mens razors in my time which have proved to fit the bill. The razor is using in these pictures is Gillette Venus Swirl Razor with "FlexiBall technology has been designed to contour better to tricky areas, like knees and ankles (vs Venus Embrace), with 5 Contour razor blades that individually adjust to every curve."

As well as choosing a good razor its important to look after your razor. When you've finished shaving you should rinse your razor thoroughly ensuring no hair is left on it. Some razors come with a blade protector if yours does ensure this is on when the razor is not in use, leaving your razor wet and unprotected can cause the blades to go all rusty. The Gillette Venus Swirl is a good razor but one downfall is that it doesn't come with a blade protector. Make sure you change your razor head as soon as it goes blunt.

Step 4: Rinse with cool water
After shaving rinse with cool water to close your pores. Then once out of the bath or shower pat you skin dry, don't rub as it might dry out your skin.

Step 5: Moisturise
The last step is to moisturise. Moisturising when the skin is damp can help locking moisture. If you have sensitive skin you may not be able to moisturise straight away (if your pores go red and bumpy) you may have to wait a little while for your skin to desensitise before moisturising. if this is the case for you, you could try adding a little baby oil to your bath after you've shaved as this should leave them with some moisture and stop them from drying out until you are able to moisturise them properly.

What tips do you have for getting smooth legs?
What products have worked for you getting super smooth legs?

Monday, 21 March 2016


NYX product reviews
NYX products
As you may have already seen from previous posts I went to the Professional Beauty show in February and whilst I was there invested in a few NYX products. NYX has been plastered all over my instagram feed for months so i wanted to try some out. Boots have just started selling NYX products and I've heard they're going to have their own counters in the large Boots stores (hopefully no just a rumour) So I've had time to try out all my products and now I can let you all know what I think of them ...
NYX lipstick
Matte Lipstick (MLS33)
I felt this was a good lipstick, not quite MAC but then it was also far from a MAC price tag. I would compare it to the same quality as a Rimmel lipstick. I loveee the shade of this lipstick it was exactly what I wanted, its a nice creamy lipstick that doesn't overly dry out your lips. I wouldn't say it was predominantly matte though (like Lip Kit By Kylie matte) but then I wasn't expecting it to be although its totally not shiny or glossy so defiantly gives a matte effect. Overall for what you pay for I feel you get a good product and your moneys worth.
NYX lipstick swatch

NYX lipliners
Lip Liner Pencils (Soft Brown 819/Brown Cafe 821)
I think these lip liners are so reasonably priced a just £3, I love the colours they come in choosing two was hard! They're quite creamy liners which is good for blending into lipstick, I thought that this might mean that because they're creamy they could easily transfer onto things and not last very long. So I tested it out by applying them and dabbing my lips with tissue and I got very minimal transfer. To be honest I can't really fault these liners id defiantly say go get yourself some of these liners and grab a bargain.

NYX super skinny marker
Super Skinny Eye Marker (Carbon Black SSEM)
I wanted one of these for ages because it takes me many attempts to get my eyeliner right so I thought maybe a actual pen would make it easier. I hate to say it but this product was awful :( It was one of the more pricey items out of my bunch and it was a total let down. I was slightly confused as to how it worked, there was no button or way to twist it to get more product onto the nib of the marker at this point it left me thinking well the only thing to do is shake it ... so I did but it didn't seem to get any more product out, how you do still remains a mystery to me. So as you can see from the pictures below the product comes out very faint not how I like my eyeliner to be! Its also a nightmare to draw it over eyeshadow, practically impossible unlike all the other eyeliners I've ever used. I don't really know where they was going with this product, is does say its a eye marker so I'm presuming I've been using it correctly only it hasn't been successful in doing its job even slightly. Unfortunately id have to say if your looking for a eye liner give this one a miss. Has anyone else found any other pen type eyeliners to be not as good as a liquid liner?

NYX Eyeshadow palette
NYX eyeshadow Love In Rio
Love In Rio Eyeshadow Trio (Cabana Boy LIR17)
Choosing a palette was super hard they had so many that all looked amazing. I chose this palette because I wear quite neutral tones all the time and I liked that this had a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows. You have to apply quite a bit of the gold to really make it stand out but overall the quality of these shadows are good. I'd defiantly say go out and get one yourself a NYX palette but beware you'll be spoilt for choice!
NYX eyeshadow swatch

NYX setting Spray Matte Finish
Setting Spray (Matte Finish)
These lil babies were flying off the shelves at the beauty show and id never tried a setting spray so I thought id give it a go. To be totally honest with you id be lying if I said I knew if this product worked or not. I mean how do you test it? See if your make up lasts longer? Well in that case I haven't noticed a big enough difference in how much make up stays on to comment on it. The only thing I can say is that the spray is meant to give you a matte finish and I wouldn't say that it does. The spray doesn't leave your face wet, dewy or shiny at all so in that way it works but it doesn't make your face any more matte than your make up already is in my opinion. If I change my mind on this product or more like come to some sort of conclusion I will update you guys! 

NYX eyeshadows
NYX eyeshadows
Eyeshadows/Matte Shadow (Own The Night HS84/ Coquette HS13)(Bare My Soul NMS14)
Again I chose 3 quite neutral tones. NYX have a great selection of colours to choose from they also a few different types of eyeshadows.  I love the packaging (if that's what you call it) its quite similar to MAC. The Bare My Nude shadow is called a Nude Matte Shadow, I don't know if its meant to be any different to the other 2 shadows but as you can see below it didn't come out any more matte than the others. I found that the Coquette shade needed more product to get a good coverage of the colour. On the whole I would say these are good shadows and at the ridiculously low price of £3.50 they're more than reasonably priced.
NYX eyeshadow swatches
Have you tried any NYX products? If so which ones? What did you think of them?
Which one of these products would you like to try?

Friday, 18 March 2016


Beauty no nos

The jaw foundation line 

For those of your who don't know what I'm on about, its the line of foundation that goes around your jaw line and makes your neck look a different colour to your face. Its not attractive ... furthermore, it can make you look as though you are wearing more make up than you actually are. Guys don't want a constant reminder that your wearing make up. You should change the colour of your foundation as the seasons change constantly matching it to the colour of your skin. You could also mix foundations together to get the perfect shade in between seasons and don't forget to BLEND BLEND BLEND your jaw line (where your foundation stops).  In emergency cases use a little bronzer whether it be on your neck (if you have a lighter neck) or on your face (if you have a whiter face). What ever you do just don't leave the house with that awful line its like the line of muck the bath leaves when you drain it and your wearing fake tan ... but on your face. 

Unsafe sun exposure 
Don't forget to always protect yourself from the sun (even when its not particularly sunny) as the sun accelerates ageing of the skin, make up does not protect you unless you buy a foundation or bb cream with built in SPF if you don't have any then you could lightly layer your face with some sun cream before applying your make up to help protect your skin but this doesn't just go for face. In the warmer months we expose more skin so just make sure you protect everywhere the sun can reach. 

Not washing your brushes regularly
Your make up brushes can collect dead skin cells, dust, and bacteria this can cause breakouts.  I'd say you should aim to wash your brushes about once a week make sure you wash them thoroughly until the water runs clear and when you dab them on tissue you get no transfer at all. Once you clean your brushes keep them in a safe place away from bacteria don't let them roll around on your bedroom floor.

Falling asleep with your make up on
Probably my No1 beauty no no I used to do this when I was like 18 and had been out partying all night I'd get home and just couldn't be bothered so I'd just jump in bed how I was, the thought now makes me cringe. Taking off my make up has got to be my least favourite things to do in the world I literally hate it (if I was rich id pay for a make up remover-er) BUT I still religiously remove all my make up every night before bed no matter how much it makes me want to cry that I'm so tired and cant be bothered. I watched a programme a few years ago called 10 years younger (i think) and on it they said there was studies that proved one night of sleeping with your make up on could age your face by up to 8 days ... EIGHT DAYS!! Another important thing to remember is that naturally every night your skin goes through a healing process which can be interrupted by going to sleep with a dirty face. 

Just baby wiping it off
Simply removing your make up with just a baby wipe is a no no! A lot of people only use baby wipes to take their make up off because their to busy or to tired to take it off properly. You may think that you've got it all off because you've gone through 4 baby wipes and now nothings coming off onto the wipe but your wrong, I can guarantee you if you then go and get a cleanser and a cotton pad and wipe your face you will be shocked at how much make up is still in the pores of your skin even though you cant see it. Its important to remove your make up thoroughly each night you can do this however you like, using a cleanser or face wash (i personally wash my face every night) ensure your using the correct products to suit your skin type as you don't want to irritate or dry out your skin.

Failing to moisturise
Don't forget to moisturise your skin even if its oily! Oily skin produces extra oil because of the skins lack of hydration by moisturising you can maintain the water - oil balance of your skin. Moisturising when your face is wet can help lock in moisture. You should never let your skin dry out either but with that being said you don't need to drown it in product, its about trying to ensure your skins moisture is always balanced. Also you should avoid using body lotions or perfumed lotions on your face as these are too harsh for your facial skin, you need something more delicate like a cream specially for your face, again id advise you to use the correct products for your skin type whether you have dry, normal, combination or oily skin. If you have dry skin you could try putting some coconut oil on before sleeping its rich in antioxidant vitamin E and is absorbed differently to any other oil as its so thin, I wouldn't advise using the oil before putting on your make up. 

Over exfoliating 
Exfoliating is a must especially if you have spot prone or dry skin but over exfoliating can cause irritation, redness, excessive dryness and your skin to tighten. You should aim to exfoliate two or three times a week also when your exfoliating you don't need to be rough your face is delicate remember! You should use gentle circular motions and focus on the spot prone or dry areas. 

Testing foundations on your hand 
If you test your foundations on your hand then you're doing it all wrong! Chances are your face and hands are not the same colour. Also your hands or face maybe be dryer than one another and the product may sit differently on the two types of skin.  When testing foundations you should test them on your jaw line. I learnt this tip whilst at beauty college. This is also a good place for  testing as you can see how it will blend into your neck helping you avoid the dreaded foundation jaw line.

Not allowing your moisturiser to dry before you apply your make up
You should allow your moisturiser to fully sink in before applying your makeup otherwise your make up wont sit on your face properly.  If your in a hurry you can blot your face dry with some tissue but never rub your face dry as it will dry out your skin.

Forgetting all about your neck 
When moisturising don't forget your neck most people moisturise their face and show no love to their neck. You should also go down your chest and cleavage area. Moisturising helps keep your skin soft, supple and can help prevent wrinkles forming. You don't want to end up a OAP with a soft face and a dry wrinkly neck now do you? 

Do you have any beauty no no's?
Have you.. like me ever committed any of these beauty sin? If so which ones?


Tuesday, 15 March 2016


We all experience stress from time to time even travelling can be so stressful and thats a daily part of life. Its important not to let it get on top of you and take steps to de-stress yourself. Here are my 5 ways to reduce stress and anxiety:

St Johns Wort

St Johns Wort is a herbal medicine that is used to treat the symptoms associated with stress such as mild depression and anxiety and sleep problems. When I was bit stressed a few years ago my doctor recommended this for me. Alternatives to this could be Passion Flower,  Kalms or Rescue Remedy. There are a few kinds of stress relieving medicinal products they come in tablets, sprays, liquids and pastels so find the right one for you. Before taking your chill pill (any kind of medicine) you must read the label and check its suitable for you to take.
you can shop these medicines here :


Yoga is a mind-body practise that involves physical poses and stretches, controlled breathing and meditating or relaxing. A number of studies have shown that yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety and can also enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being. Whilst doing yoga your blood pressure and heart rate can lower, relaxing you. If you don't know any yoga routines or poses you can google them or search a routine on youtube.  You can choose a routine that suits you whether your a beginner or want to skip to the hard stuff, just want a quick routine in the morning or night what ever you want have a search i'm sure you'll find it.

Have 'Time Out"

Take some time out, if you can do it when you feel your self getting stressed as it could help prevent it, if you cant then just take any time you can to just CHILL! Whether you go have a bath, watch a tv programme, have a lay down what ever you choose to do just switch off from the world, turn all devices off. Allow no distractions just allow yourself that time.

Keeping things organised

Organisation is key when it comes to stress whether its keeping your self organised or your surroundings.  When things are organised everything just runs more smoothly, save yourself a stressful morning a get organised the night before get your clothes, make-up, bag anything you need to do or take with you in the morning ready. Make sure you allow your self enough time to do everything you need to do. The 10 extra minutes in bed is not worth rushing and getting stressed because chances are if you start your day stressed your likely to stay that way all day. Make lists of things you have to do that day or the next this way you can clear your mind not stress about forgetting anything.  

Your surroundings can play a big part in being stressed if your room or house is a mess that's just going to slow you down and get in your way. I don't know about you but I just cant relax as well when my room is a tip as I can when its spic and span. You might not think that your environment is affecting you that much but subconscious may be picking up odd jobs you need to do and adding to the list of other things on your mind. You should create a calm environment for yourself and you can start but simply organising everything. 

Avoid stressful people

I suppose this is kind off a follow from providing the right environment for you to be in. If you allow yourself to be in the company of stressful people this can be toxic for your mood/stress levels. I have actually done this myself and seen the difference it can make. If you cant cut these people out totally then limit the time you spend with them. Spend your time with the people that most make you laugh, feel calm, relaxed and happy. its important to notice when your being the stressful person in someone else's life as this can have effects on your relationship with that person instead talk to them let them know how your feeling so they can understand the potential differences in your mood/behaviour and I'm sure they'll have patience.  

Do you know any methods of de-stressing?


Saturday, 12 March 2016


If I could only have 5 brushes these are the 5 i'd choose...

Real Techniques- Stippling Brush
This is the perfect brush for blending foundation and getting a even finish. I usually use it after using my foundation brush to apply my foundation. I also use it to blend my contour from time to time if I accidentally put too much product on and have big dark lines on my face I don't panic because I know this brush will be my saviour.

Real Techniques - Sculpting Brush
This is the ideal brush for contouring! Its slightly angled which gives you a quick and easy smooth application especially under the cheek bones. It blends both cream and powder contour products I use this mainly with my Barry M Chisel Cheeks contouring powder as I usually use a beauty blender for my cream contour. This Brush could also be used for blusher.

Real Techniques - Foundation Brush
This brush provides you with a quick and easy way to spread your foundation over your face and stops you getting foundation hands! This brush can sometimes leave you with lines in your foundation which I then blend out with my stippling brush (you could also use your fingers if you wish to) Most people might ask why use this brush at all ? Why not just use a stippling brush to apply your foundation? Well that's totally up to you ... I personally don't like to overload my stippling brush with product as ill just be swishing it around my face just moving the product around id rather apply it using a foundation brush and then with a clean stippling brush go in after and smooth out those few lines I just find this gives me the optimal even finish I want.

Real Techniques - Setting Brush
This brush is Great for setting your concealer under your eyes, contour and your highlight. to be honest I use it for all my setting some people may find this brush small for setting their whole face of make up but I set mine in stages. First I use this to set my highlight areas ( forehead, chin , under my eyes, on top of my cheek bones, my jaw line, down the bridge of my nose) then I use this brush for the darker contour areas I find this brush is the perrrrfect brush for apply some on my Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour power down the sides of my nose and in the little curve to my eyebrows. It gives a perfectly blended finish which is something I found more difficult trying to get with cream contour on my nose as its such a small area to try and contour, my beauty blender just wipes it off and my sculpting brush is too big to contour my nose with. 

Gosh - Eye Shadow Brush Shaper
This brush is my favourite brush for the eyes its practically the only one I use ( I wash my brushes regularly) This brush gives the most perfect blend to any shadow. I use this for my bottom lash line, to apply eyeshadow, to blend colours together and to create a dark crease line. Honestly the application this brush gives you is so smooth. As it blends so well and is so small it could also be the perfect little brush to help contour your nose.

So theres my top 5. I also think a beauty blender is a make up equipment essential but this post is based just on my top picks of brushes.

What are your favourite brushes? Do you have any of these brushes?  


Tuesday, 8 March 2016


If you spend your days in front of a computer or laptop whether its work, social networking, or netflix (yeah you bingers) you should adopt these 5 habits. 

1. Look away from the computer and focus on a distant object every 20 minutes 
You can strain your eyes looking at a computer for hours, let your eyes adjust and focus on something further away from you. Using a computer although out school college and so on has taken its toll on my eyesight. i have a "stigmatism" in both eyes from using computers and now wear glasses when using them. I wish i had known this tip throughout education.

2. Stand up 
Every 30 minute or so stand up and maybe walk to your bathroom or up a flight of stairs and then go back to your computer. Its good just to get the blood flowing for a minute so your muscles don't get stiff.

3. Stretch
Stretch your arms shoulders neck and even twist your body from just sitting in your chair you could youtube stretches to do whilst at your desk. Here's a quick video with three stretches you could try.

4. Adjust your monitor height 
if your monitor is to low this can cause you to hunch or tilt your head down and can result in back or neck pain/stiffness (i also suffer from this) apparently if your screen is too high you can get dry eye syndrome so having the correct height of the monitor is essential.

5. Download flux
In my post Surprising Things Stoping You From Sleeping one of the things listed is the blue light that all computers admit as it affects our melatonin levels for more information go to my other post and to download flux click here

Do you have any computer habits?


Thursday, 3 March 2016


Every year I go to the Professional Beauty Show at Excel in London. Theres loads of different beauty brands at the show many selling products V.A.T free and giving out samples. Its a great way for people in the beauty industry to test out new products or stock up on their favourites. I stocked up of a few make up bits and got a few tanning samples. Usually the show is soooooo busy its chaos but luckily this year it was a bit quieter although that meant a few brands weren't there. You usually find the likes of Amy Childs, Katie Price, Nicola Mclean and Lauren Goodger show their faces whether its shopping or to visit their stands. Although it was fairly quiets the queues for NYX were crazy they went around the whole place twice!

Here are some of my Favourite snaps from the show

Heres a short Vlog I did 

Have any of you ever been to the professional beauty show? Would any of you like to go?

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