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We all experience stress from time to time even travelling can be so stressful and thats a daily part of life. Its important not to let it get on top of you and take steps to de-stress yourself. Here are my 5 ways to reduce stress and anxiety:

St Johns Wort

St Johns Wort is a herbal medicine that is used to treat the symptoms associated with stress such as mild depression and anxiety and sleep problems. When I was bit stressed a few years ago my doctor recommended this for me. Alternatives to this could be Passion Flower,  Kalms or Rescue Remedy. There are a few kinds of stress relieving medicinal products they come in tablets, sprays, liquids and pastels so find the right one for you. Before taking your chill pill (any kind of medicine) you must read the label and check its suitable for you to take.
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Yoga is a mind-body practise that involves physical poses and stretches, controlled breathing and meditating or relaxing. A number of studies have shown that yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety and can also enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being. Whilst doing yoga your blood pressure and heart rate can lower, relaxing you. If you don't know any yoga routines or poses you can google them or search a routine on youtube.  You can choose a routine that suits you whether your a beginner or want to skip to the hard stuff, just want a quick routine in the morning or night what ever you want have a search i'm sure you'll find it.

Have 'Time Out"

Take some time out, if you can do it when you feel your self getting stressed as it could help prevent it, if you cant then just take any time you can to just CHILL! Whether you go have a bath, watch a tv programme, have a lay down what ever you choose to do just switch off from the world, turn all devices off. Allow no distractions just allow yourself that time.

Keeping things organised

Organisation is key when it comes to stress whether its keeping your self organised or your surroundings.  When things are organised everything just runs more smoothly, save yourself a stressful morning a get organised the night before get your clothes, make-up, bag anything you need to do or take with you in the morning ready. Make sure you allow your self enough time to do everything you need to do. The 10 extra minutes in bed is not worth rushing and getting stressed because chances are if you start your day stressed your likely to stay that way all day. Make lists of things you have to do that day or the next this way you can clear your mind not stress about forgetting anything.  

Your surroundings can play a big part in being stressed if your room or house is a mess that's just going to slow you down and get in your way. I don't know about you but I just cant relax as well when my room is a tip as I can when its spic and span. You might not think that your environment is affecting you that much but subconscious may be picking up odd jobs you need to do and adding to the list of other things on your mind. You should create a calm environment for yourself and you can start but simply organising everything. 

Avoid stressful people

I suppose this is kind off a follow from providing the right environment for you to be in. If you allow yourself to be in the company of stressful people this can be toxic for your mood/stress levels. I have actually done this myself and seen the difference it can make. If you cant cut these people out totally then limit the time you spend with them. Spend your time with the people that most make you laugh, feel calm, relaxed and happy. its important to notice when your being the stressful person in someone else's life as this can have effects on your relationship with that person instead talk to them let them know how your feeling so they can understand the potential differences in your mood/behaviour and I'm sure they'll have patience.  

Do you know any methods of de-stressing?



  1. Great tips! I definitely need to schedule in some "Time Out". I rarely switch off and always find myself reaching for my phone or checking emails... Maybe some yoga would help! xx


    1. Thank you, yes give the yoga a go youll love it xxxx

  2. Fab post! When I'm stressed, I clean. Sounds super OCD but I like having something to take my mind off whatever it is that's stressing me out and it keeps my surroundings nice and tidy. Yoga is also a favourite of mine too, I love doing it just before bed for a good nights sleep! x

    Always, Alice

    1. Thank you, I totally get you i'm the same with both! Love to clean when i'm stressed and my favourite time to do yoga is just before bed xxx


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