Sunday, 22 May 2016


I found Dames and Dimes and asked if they would like to send me product to try out. The product I chose was this Whipped Body Butter. What attracted me to Dames and Dimes was that their products are all handmade, high quality, natural products containing NO synthetic colours, NO synthetic fragrances and NO parabens. As you'll know if you read my blog I harp on about how important our skin is being the biggest organ of our body, and how we quite often neglect it. Another fab thing to do for your skin is Dry Brushing check out my post about that here 
Dames and Dime's Whipped Body Butter is made with organic unrefined african shea butter. It has a consistency almost the same as coconut oil as when you touch it it starts to melt. It also feels more like a oil as appose to a moisturiser which to be honest I prefer, if you have dry skin like me moisturiser lasts two seconds on my skin before I need more, I found the butters effects fairly long lasting. Another thing I found because of the consistency is that a little of this butter goes a long way.
The only kind of downside to this butter (but then it is'nt really a downside) is that the smell is a very natural earthy smell but that's how it should smell! This product is natural at the end of the day and if you want to reap the benefits of natural products then these luxuries we've become accustomed too such as fancy smells are not too much to compromise are they? 

Although this butter is not fragranced it doesn't have a strong smell so you don't smell it once its applied. The ideal time to apply this butter I think would be straight out of the bath/shower when your skin needs a little hydration and I'd advise letting it sink in before putting on clothes. 

As Dames and Dimes products are natural they are suitable for sensitive skin. If your into your healthy alternative options then give these guys ago. 


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