Friday, 6 May 2016


I'd been wanting to try Bondi Sands tan or ages after seeing all those beautiful brown legged selfies on instagram. When I saw Bondi sands on offer in Boots I thought nows a perfect time to try it out and let you guys know what I think. I use gradual tan regularly so I went for their Gradual Tanning milk. I have tried Dove, Garnier, No7 and Palmers, the main gradual tans on market, so I feel I can offer a good experienced opinion.

How I Found Bondi Sands
At £11.99 Bondi sands is double the £5.59 price tag of my usual Palmers gradual tan, so I was looking for it to be an improvement from the one I always use. First off the smell of the tan was like cocoa butter and it didn't have that 'tan smell' that my boyfriends always going on about. Its smell was also more subtle than all other tans I've tried.

After applying the tan I found it soaked in really quickly, usually I take ages to dry and my clothes are getting stuck to me. When I woke up I wasn't sticky at all but I felt like my skin was moisturised, most of the time when I apply gradual tans I'm sticky until I shower. I also noticed that from one application I had a very faint tan and that this was indeed going to be a gradual tan. I find with the palmers tan that even from one application you can get a fairly good little tan, its does need a few layers to be a proper full on tan but the from one application you will certainly notice a difference.  So in a last minute attempt at tanning this tan would not be ideal. The little colour I did have was  however not patchy at all and a nice golden colour.

I applied another layer the following night and in the morning I had the same results as the first application just a little darker... Still not smelling like tan, not sticky or patchy. The colour however still wasn't as deep as I would like ... a great natural looking light glow but I am pale and do like to be a good few shades up the colour chart.

So I went on and did third application and again same results just darker.  At this point I had a tan I was happy with I wouldn't say it was a deep tan but it was even and looked great. I think I expected it to be quite dark as all of the pictures of developed tans I've seen have been deep tans, I think this may be the result of the tanning mousse. I just want to mention as well that I found this tan not as patchy on areas like your hands as much as other tans I've used.
There are pros and cons to this tan for me so that and it being more pricey than my usual tan is something I have to weigh up.  Overall this is a great quality tan and for someone who is happy with a GRADUAL medium tan I couldn't recommend it enough.

Have you tried Bondi Sands? What tan do you use?

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