Monday, 30 May 2016


Overall I have normal/dry skin but I get periods where I have patches of dry skin all over my face and dealing with it can be a nightmare. In this post I'm going to share some tips for how to deal with dry skin and also some products I have come across that eased my dry skin.

Moisturise you skin whilst its damp - this can help lock in moisture
Don't use hot water on your skin - hot water can dry out your skin use warm water instead to minimise the risk of drying out your skin
Use makeup wipes specifically for dry skin - I used to use baby wipes to take of my make up but I find these dry out my skin when I switched to make up wipes for dry skin I really noticed the difference.
Drink plenty of water - keep your skin hydrated through out the day
Add some moisturising bath oil to your bath- this really minimises the risk of your skin drying out after bathing/showering
Use soap free products- soap can really have a drying effect on your skin
Limit cleansing your face to once a day - over cleansing can remove any natural oils from your skin and make it dry.
Get a humidifier for your bedroom - this puts moisture into the air and will help in preventing your skin drying out while your sleep.
My Top products for dry skin


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