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Pancakes are my favourite breakfast option. I used to use ready made pancake mixes that you just add water and eggs to, but these are not healthy at all so I decided to start making my own healthier mix as I love pancakes so much and cannot live without them. 

These are the 3 ingredients I use in my healthy pancake mix, Wholemeal Flour, Unsweetened Almond Milk and Egg whites. ( no added surgar/salt ect like regular pre made pancake mixes)  
I use wholemeal flour as it has some health benefits like being high in fibre and containing vitamins ect as appose to bleached white flour. I use Almond milk as its 100% plant based and has health benefits such as maintaining a healthy heart and skin. I use egg whites only as they are bursting with protein and dont have the high cholesterol (LDL) content of the yolks. 
First im going to take you through the few easy steps of making the pancakes and then explore how they can be enjoyed.
So first you add your egg whites to your blender cup if you have one if not then a jug will do fine.
Then add your wholemeal flour. I now just guess the amount by eye and then add milk accordingly. Obviously the more flour you add the more milk you'll need and more pancakes the mix will make. The amount I used on this occasion I poured into a small jug before adding it to my mix and it was roughly 8oz and made 3 pankcakes. 
Next you add your milk, I never measure out my milk as the amount I will need will vary everytime. I add a little milk to the mix then stir will a fork and keep doing this in small amounts until the mix reaches the consistency I want. I have always found the amount of water or milk that the regular batter mix sachets tell you to use make the mixture super runny and make either really thin pancakes or pancakes that are gooey in the middle so I have always made my mixes much thicker. I choose to have my mixture fairly thick as I find it cooks better, you can get a thicker pancake with no gooey centre.
Now blend the mixture to get a smooth mix without any lumps of flour. If you don't have a blender then a whisk or fork will do fine - it just requires more effort.
Once your mix is blended nicely heat a flat based frying pan on a medium heat with a small dash of oil for a minute or two. Then pour a small amount of the mix (i also do this by eye)  roughly 1/3 of a regular sized mug into the centre of the pan and then using the handle of the pan gently and slowly swirl the mix around the pan to level out the mix. You can now lower your heat a little and leave your pancake to cook for a minute or 2. Once you see that no parts of the pancake are no longer runny you can get a spatula and flip your pancake over to cook the other side. I don't recommend flipping your pancake in the air unless your a pro if your like me this will have a 98% fail rate.
Once your pancake is cooked properly on both sides place it on a plate.  Repeat the same process for as many pancakes as you would like.

Now the fun part.. choosing what you want to fill your pancakes with. Theres are loads of options but my two ways are Naughty (a delicious treat) or Nice (a healthy option) you can mix and match these ingredients up however you like but here are some of my top ingredients and the option they come under.

Naughty                or                   Nice 
 Nutella                                       Honey
Crushed Malteasers                   Chia Seeds/Flaxseed
 Maple Cyrup                              Choice of-
                                                      Strawberries, Bluberries, Banana 

I always have chia seeds or flaxseed in my pancakes as for me its a great way to include these in my diet and my usual choice is honey and fruit but sometimes I mix the naughty with nice and have a added little bit of Nutella. 
What are your favourite ingredients to put in a pancake?

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