Tuesday, 3 May 2016


With this simple procedure there's no longer any need to pay to get your gel nails removed. 

You will need: 
Tin Foil
A nail file
A nail buffer
Cotton pads 
A orange wood stick or cuticle pusher

Here's how you do it...
1. Using a nail file, file the shine/top layer of your gel polish off of all your nails 
2. Cut you foil into squares (enough to wrap around your finger tips around 3x3 inches but this really doesn't need to be precise!)
3.Now place your cotton pads in the middle of your foil squares
4. Apply acetone to the cotton pads, you want the pads wet but not dripping 
5. Next place your nail downwards on the wet cotton pads ...
And fold the foil around your finger tip ensuring your nail is completely covered by the wet pad inside. 

6. Repeat for all fingers, you should end up with something like this ..
7.Now wait for approximately 10 minutes (YES I'm aware I mistakenly set the timer for 10 hours, I'm a ditsy human)
8. After 10 minutes are up slide one of your fingers out of the foil and using your orange stick or cuticle pusher gently scrape away the remaining gel polish. If the polish does not come off easily then put the foil and pad back over your finger and allow it some more time.  Repeat this for all fingers.
9. Once all your polish has been removed gently buff all of your nails.
10. Now if you wish moisturise your hands and smile that you saved yourself some money and a trip to the nail salon.

You can get these reusable caps and foams and remove your gels using the same procedure as the foils only applying acetone to the foam pads instead of cotton pads and using the caps instead of the foils. The foams are disposable but if you allow them to dry out after using them you will be able to get more uses out of them. You wet the rounded end of the foams and place them inside the caps you then slide your fingertips into the caps with the foam being on top of your nails and then follow the rest of the removal procedure. Some of the foam should be sticking out as this acts as a barrier to prevent any acetone from seeping out.  

I got these from my local Sally's Salon Services store but you can also pick these up online.


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