Thursday, 10 December 2015


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missguided clothes

This is my Missguided Christmas Wishlist if only we had never ending pockets!!



Monday, 7 December 2015


amsterdam square statue
I had planned to write a post on what I'd been up to in Amsterdam as soon as I got back but I've been really busy since I've been back. So this is just a brief post on some of the things i got up to in my 3 night stay in the Netherlands. 

First I'd like to mention that i stayed in the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky which I'd like to highly recommend! Its a 5* hotel and its in the most perfect location in Amsterdam. The Hotel is located on dam square and all the shops and restaurants are right on their doorstep. Its on the outskirts of the red light district and the staff are really polite and helpful. We managed to get a free upgrade to a premier room because are rooms were not situated all together as we had asked, but hey we weren't complaining!

On the day we arrived we were quite tired from the 4 am airport run so we decided to chill out eat and explore the red light district in the evening and pack all the things we want to do in the next two days. We enjoyed some of Amsterdam's famous crepes and waffles.

On the second day we got up reasonably early, explored some more and then decided to go to the Amsterdam dungeons, which was great fun! Be sure not to stand out from the crowd or you might get picked for some scary demonstrations! After we headed back to the hotel to get changed and venture back out on to the streets of the red light district and visited the sex museum which is really interesting and a must if you go to dam a cheap and cheerful experience. We found ourselves in a great bar right on our doorstep called players bar where we spent most of the night having some drinks and a dance.

On the third day we got up fairly early again and went to rent some bikes so we could take a trip to see the famous IAMSTERDAM sign passing the Heineken factory on route. We took hundreds of selfies and decided to go ice skating as theres a outdoor ice rink next to the sign. It was so chrismassy and great fun they had chairs on the ice so if your terrible at skating you can either hold on to them or take a seat and be swished around the ice! We then rode back to the hotel to get ready and make our was to Amsterdam Ice Bar. The ice bar was a amazing experience we got two free cocktails with our ticket. The bar was -9.4 degrees!!! and our drinks were in ice glasses sooo coool right! After we left the ice bar we went for another walk around and ended up chilling out for a bit in the bulldog hotel bar (which I don't think we was meant to be in) 

On the last day before our flight home we did some tourist shopping and decided to stuff ourselves with our favourite Amsterdam foods one last time. 

So thats what I got up to and I throughly enjoyed myself I'm looking forward to my next trip wherever it shall be.


Friday, 20 November 2015


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amsterdam suitcase essentials

Im going to Amsterdam TOMORROW! :D 
Very excited to be going for the second time. I thought id share some of the things im taking with me as Amsterdam is going to be really cold ...

Victoria secret PJ'S - these pjs are my favs they are so comfy! The top is longsleeve and the bottoms are full length so perfect for keeping me warm in the colder months 

Primark Velvet Plush Leggings - i made sure i popped out to primark to get these specifically for Amsterdam as they as Amsterdam is going to be super cold and these are by far the warmest things ive worn on my legs! they are sooo soft and comfy i took a pair with me the last time i went to Amsterdam and ended up wearing them the majority of the time. I cant say im a fan of the seam that goes from the front to the back of the leggings. but hey on this occasion im going with fluff over fashion! at £6 a pair these are a bargain. 

Primark Scarf - i bought this scarf last year but i love it so im taking it with me again its reversible but has the same pattern on each size one side is light grey and one side is dark grey. i think it was around £4/£5  

Primark Hat - i got this on my most recent trip to primark. I love the bobble, I love the colour and I love the price! (£3)

Primark Gloves - ive wanted some nice leather gloves for sometime now however i wasnt prepared to pay for them this side of my trip so i picked up these plain black glove from primark for just £1!

Selfie Stick - this is also from my trip to primark i thought its defiantly about time i invested in one of these babies and will come in handy as im going away in a group of 6 and dont have a super extendy arm. We can all rest assured that no-ones at risk of the 'you only got my ear in'. it had a sticker on it saying £8 but it went through the till at £5.90 so who was i to argue?

Forever 21 Knee High Boots -i got these quite a while ago and i dont think they do them anymore :( but i have seen boots just like these everywhere. Im taking these with me one beacuse theyre waterproof and the weathers not looking to great over the next few days in amsterdam :( and two because they are long they protect most of my leg from the cold and wind and keep me extra warm :)

Mindfullness Book - this is my new book on mindfullness im halfway through at the minute so far its proving a excellent read! its a bit complicated to summarise so if your unsure of what it is give it a quick google ( i may do a post on it at some point) this is going to get me through my flight (even though they're very short) and those dreadful airport waits. 

Here are a few other things thats didn't quite make the picture but im also taking ..

My Zara Coat - i got this coat last year and also took it on my last trip to Amsterdam it was a god send, by far the best coat i have ever bought, its just so incredibly warm! I am a massive fan of all zara coats i find them of great quality and will be getting many more.

selfie in amsterdam hotel

My Lush 'Movis' Face wash - i love all lush products and that they use lots of natural ingredients i feel if anywhere my face deserves them. i wash my face everyday its part of my night time routine and this soap is great for traveling as its not a liquid!! 

My Palmers Coconul Oil Shampoo and Conditioner - this is my favvvvvvvvvv brand of shampoo and conditioner its the best ive found for leaving my hair feeling soft, ive used a few hotels shampoos and conditioners and they leave my hair feeling like straw! so ive squeezing some of these babies into my travel sized containers.  These shampoos and conditioners have no sulphates or parabens and are great for fine limp hair.


Thursday, 12 November 2015


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So I've just got back from a short holiday in Tenerife and the weather was AMAZING!! I didn't expect it to be that hot for mid November but hey i weren't complaining! Want to know why i believe it improved my health? Well its all down to a theory called Earthing, some of you may have already heard of it but for those who haven't let me elaborate ....

Earthing also known as grounding is when you connect yourself with the ground i.e walking with no shoes on the ground. It is said that by being disconnected with the earth we can become fatigued and by re connecting ourselves with the earth we can receive a charge of the earths energy. So people may think what a load of crap that it ... so be it your entitled to your opinion :). Just like all electrical items need to be earthed we have energies in our body and when connected with the earth restores our balance. 

Here are some of the benefits linked with earthing :

  • Reducing inflammation by defusing excess positive electrons
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Improving Sleep 
  • Increasing Energy 
  • Lowering stress and promoting calmness by reducing stress hormones.
  • Normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm
  • Improving blood pressure and blood flow
  • Relieving muscle tension and headache 
  • Lessens menstrual and female hormone symptoms
  • Speeds healing
  • Can eliminate jet lag
  • Protecting the body from EMFs
  • Shortens recovery time from injury or athletic activity
  • Reducing or eliminating snoring
  • Helping  support adrenal health

 Listen im no scientist so heres is a short video on 'what is earthing' to give you hopefully a clearer picture on earthing.

Have you noticed that when your on holiday you feel so relaxed and usually get a great nights sleep ?Sure it because your away from any stresses you may have back at home but its also probably got something to do with you walking around bare footed maybe on the sand or in the sea. So next time your chilling out in your garden try slipping your shoes off also try sunbathing directly on the ground i know these can be limited when living in the u.k like me so most importantly when on holiday make the most of walking around with no shoes on, rolling around in the sand and going for swim in the sea! Then sit back and enjoy how rejuvenated you feel :)

Alternatively You can buy 'earthing mats' and other equipment to help you earth your self in your own home you can check these out Here.

Hope I've given you a good enough idea on what earthing is and hopefully you'll try it out and feel the benefits yourself happy earthing guys!!




Wednesday, 28 October 2015


I always look at how ridiculously cheap some of the stuff is on eBay and probably like most of you think its probably really badly made and im going to waste my money. As id just recently spent all my money on new things for my room (im slowly giving it a revamp)but i was in desperate need of some new make up bits. i lost my beauty blender :'( and i only had a few make up brushes so id been putting my make up on with all the wrong brushes... no biggie tho right? wrong!  Try being forced to blend your eyeshadow with a blusher brush!! I thought maybe i should see if some of their insanely cheap items are worth giving a shot after all. 

These brushes i found were just £2.74 for a 20Pc set now thats what i call a bargain! So were they worth the try?... for me yes. I cant say they are to the standard of the likes of real techniques and other well know brands of brushes but they do the job and so far ive had no bristles falling off or the brushes braking which you might expect at that price. I will probably continue to add to my collection of brushes with some more pricy brushes but for now these are perfect.

Next i got a "Brushegg" which is a silicone mould that fits on your fingers and has ridges so you can clean your brushes with it. I got this for just £0.99 aswell! These are retailing at about $8 so at 99p its a real steal! Its not something you can really go wrong with I just hoped it turned up exactly how it was pictured and described which it did so happy days.

Lastly I managed to find a beauty blender for just £0.99! Its not as big as the real beauty blenders and unfortunately no where near the quality of the real deal, it was a long shot but hey at 99p worth a try. However if you find the pricy tag of £16 for a real beauty blender too much you could try a real techniques beauty blender they are much more affordable at £5.99 and of fairly good quality if you look after it it should last you a while. You can find one here > 
Hopefully my 99p blender will keep me going until I get another beauty blender.

I have listed the links below to these items (I couldn't find the specific brushes i bought but ive found some for the same price!) Most eBay items expire but on the off chance they dont here are the links...



Tuesday, 27 October 2015


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First post on the blogg! Waaahooo how exciting after all the initial stress of trying to set it up with no idea of what im doing, I can finally enjoy it :). I thought id use my first post to introduce myself and let you know a few things about me. I found a 'get to know me tag' series of questions I thought would be a good way of me telling you a little bit about me.

Ive started this blog bacause ive always enjoyed giving my opinion/advice/tips on things and how better to do that than a blog?..

Im not 100% sure what ill feature on my blog as of yet i think ill just see where it takes me, i love fashion and beauty (im a qualified beautician) so im sure they'll be lots of posts on those on here. Also im really into healthy eating/living and forever sharing tips and info i find with friends, so maybe youll find some of those posts popping up too.

Now for the questions..

Vital Stats...
Name: Robyn Samantha Durham
Nickname: I have loads from different people but one most people think its okay to give me and i hate is rob  -_-
Birthday: 19th of september
Place of birth: Archway in North London
Star Sign: Virgo
Righty or Lefty? Righty

Hair colour: Dark blonde
Length: Id say medium because its not as long as id like :(
Eye colour: Blue/green
Piercings: Only my ears but i never wear earrings :/
Tattoos:  Nope

Award: Probably for dancing
Real holiday: Malia when i was 18 (most of us are guilty of this)
Concert: Destinys child
Job: In a hairdressers

Film: Tie between Intersellar and UP
Tv show: I hold my hands up its Geordie shore
Colour: Purple
Restaurant: GBK (gourmet burger kitchen)
Store: Topshop
Book: The Secret
Shoes: My over the knee boots

Feeling: Sleepy
Single or taken: Taken
Eating: Pistachio cookies
Listening to: My boyfriend make music
Thinking about: My next blog post
Watching : errr the computer
Wearing: a big fluffy roll neck jumper and girl boxers (ive just thought about how odd that is)

Want children: Yes
Want marriage: Yes
Carrers in mind: Not sure just seeing where life takes me
Where to live: Somewhere HOT!

Do you believe in...
God: No
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: i would say no but Stephen James makes me think otherwise
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: 80% yes haha
Soul mates: Yeahhh
Heaven: Undecided
Hell: Undecided
Kissing on the first date: Yeah lifes too short
Yourself: 100%

So theres a few random facts about me, thanks for reading and please do let me know what you'd like to see featured on my blog.

x Robyn x

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