Friday, 3 June 2016


Here's 12 beauty hacks to make your beauty regime that little bit easier...

1.Bronze and highlight your face in a number 3 shape - this gives you a quick contoured look

2.Blow dry your hair upside down - blow drying your hair upside down can make your hair look more volumised

3.Wash your make up brushes with shampoo - a cheap, effective and easy way to keep your brushes clean
Apply conditioner to make up brushes and let them soak - a cheap, effective and easy way to prolong the life of your brushes and keep them soft.

4.Make your lips look a little bigger using a little highlighter - apply to your cupids bow and centre of your bottom lip

5.Make your hair look a little thicker using eyeshadow - apply eyeshadow in the shade of your hair colour along your parting to give it the illusion of being thicker (this works best with darker hair but still gives a subtle effect on lighter hair shades)

6.Add extra grip to your hair grips - spray your hair grips with hairspray before using them

7.Paint french tips easily using a rubber band - using a rubber band wrapped around the tip of your
finger is a easy a quick way to paint the perfect straight french tips on the first attempt.

8.Get longer lasting curly lashes - heat your eyelash curlers with a hair dryer before using them this will get a better curl that lasts longer.

9.Exfoliate dry lips with your toothbrush and some lip balm - this will help get rid of dry skin and moisturise them

10.Dry your nail polish quicker by dipping your nails into cold water

11.Conceal under your eyes in a triangular shape - this gives a more effective concealed look and will hide dark circles better than using a semi circle or dotting technique

12.Tie your hair in a high and low ponytail for a longer looking ponytail/hair

Do you have any beauty hacks?
Have you tried any of these hacks?
Which hack is your favourite?


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