Wednesday, 28 October 2015


I always look at how ridiculously cheap some of the stuff is on eBay and probably like most of you think its probably really badly made and im going to waste my money. As id just recently spent all my money on new things for my room (im slowly giving it a revamp)but i was in desperate need of some new make up bits. i lost my beauty blender :'( and i only had a few make up brushes so id been putting my make up on with all the wrong brushes... no biggie tho right? wrong!  Try being forced to blend your eyeshadow with a blusher brush!! I thought maybe i should see if some of their insanely cheap items are worth giving a shot after all. 

These brushes i found were just £2.74 for a 20Pc set now thats what i call a bargain! So were they worth the try?... for me yes. I cant say they are to the standard of the likes of real techniques and other well know brands of brushes but they do the job and so far ive had no bristles falling off or the brushes braking which you might expect at that price. I will probably continue to add to my collection of brushes with some more pricy brushes but for now these are perfect.

Next i got a "Brushegg" which is a silicone mould that fits on your fingers and has ridges so you can clean your brushes with it. I got this for just £0.99 aswell! These are retailing at about $8 so at 99p its a real steal! Its not something you can really go wrong with I just hoped it turned up exactly how it was pictured and described which it did so happy days.

Lastly I managed to find a beauty blender for just £0.99! Its not as big as the real beauty blenders and unfortunately no where near the quality of the real deal, it was a long shot but hey at 99p worth a try. However if you find the pricy tag of £16 for a real beauty blender too much you could try a real techniques beauty blender they are much more affordable at £5.99 and of fairly good quality if you look after it it should last you a while. You can find one here > 
Hopefully my 99p blender will keep me going until I get another beauty blender.

I have listed the links below to these items (I couldn't find the specific brushes i bought but ive found some for the same price!) Most eBay items expire but on the off chance they dont here are the links...



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  1. This is so helpful thankyou so much!! I loved the part about the beauty blender also


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