Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Timeless Truth kindly agreed to send me out one of their masks. I chose their Bio Cellulose Bee Venom & Royal Jelly Miracle Mask. It was the Beauty Awards 2015 Gold Winner so I thought its got to be worth a try. 

Here's A little description of their mask from their website...
"Turn back the clock with this mask. Bee venom dates back to ancient times when medicines and creams containing it were used for many conditions – now it is hailed as nature’s alternative to Botox!
Together with Royal Jelly “the elixir of youth” and the nourishment of the queen bee we have a magic combination. These active ingredients help to stimulate the production of collagen and elasticity to help smooth, lift and tighten the skin. The venom also contains a compound called Melittin, which has been shown to have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties."

SKIN TYPE: Ageing, Slack
BENEFITS: Plumps & firms skin, Stimulates the production of Collagen, Hydrates.
ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains Bee Venom. Not suitable for people allergic to bee sting.
 A letter that came with the mask that said that you could put it in the fridge or warm water prior to use for either a nice cooling tightening effect or a warm soothing effect. I chose to put it in warm water. It also said that the mask has a lot of product on it and in the sachet and to use this to your advantage and keep the excess for later applications, so when opening I kept the sachet to one side. The mask was very juicy as stated and had no smell really. The mask comes with two protective layers that you peel off before applying it to your face. The mask itself is really squidgy, soft, and slimy with product (in a good way) It has been designed to fit the contours of your face.
I would advise tying your hair up as it will get stuck to the front of the mask.
I found the mask to be very comfortable on your face. It comes with what im guessing are flaps to cover your eyes but I chose not to use them as I was mainly walking around. I thought that the mask would probably keep slipping off but it stayed on the whole time which was great as I was able to get on with things I needed to do whilst letting the mask work its magic. Alternatively you can lie back and relax.
The product didn't tingle, irritate or have any sensation on my skin at all really. When I peeled off the mask I was left with lots of product on my face, which instructed by sachet says to just massage into the skin and let sink in. 
What I liked about this product was that you put it on and peel it off. Theres no mess involved and no washing your face after and trying to get all the bits out of your hair. When washing a face mask off your face can be left dry after and needing to be moisturised, with this mask theres no washing off needed and it leaves product on your face to sink in. 
To be honest I feel id have to use this product regularly to see proper results, I cant claim that its changed my skin from one application but it did leave my face feeling hydrated and not dry at all. My experience of this first application was very pleasant. 
If you'd like to have a look or try out one of these peel off sheet masks you can visit Timeless Truth's website here or shop the mask I chose here.


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