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Pink parcel subscription box
Pink Parcel
Pink Parcel are a monthly subscription box that send you out a box when its your 'time of the month' the box contains tea, tampons, pads, something sweet, and beauty products. The beauty products inside the box change every month. As far as I'm aware they have four delivery dates so you can choose the nearest to your period. Pink Parcel very kindly sent me out their April box to review. 

To see what was in my box this month you can watch my unboxing video here ...

So over all I really like the idea of this box, I love that it gives you some bits to cheer yourself up in amongst the mood swings. The 'Something Sweet' idea is brilliant, I'm certainly always raiding he cupboards for sweet things all through out my period and I can confirm that the chocolate marshmallow was the first to go from this box.

I like the surprise element to the 'For You' box containing beauty products, I used to love getting one of those lucky bags every week as a child, its like getting a surprise present from yourself. Although I am happy with the products I've received in this months box I cant say they overly thrilled me I'd seen in previous boxes people had got OPI nail varnishes or benefit makeup, I'm all for trying out new brands but there wasn't one I'd heard of. Maybe I was expecting to much as I had seen all these brands I know of popping up in previous boxes, I'm sure everyone is going to get boxes that one month you love and the next your not to impressed with but that goes with any subscription box where the products aren't all stated. With that being said I think they give you the option to take a peek into whats inside the current months box on their website. This will spoil the surprise of whats in your box but if you really didn't like the it I'm guessing you could cancel your subscription or ask not to receive that months box I'm not 100% sure.

The box costs £12.99 and month including Postage and packaging, the eyeshadow pencil (i-smoulder) included in this months box costs £18.50 so already you can see the box is well worth the money. I guess the thing with any monthly subscription box is you just have to hope that you'll like at least one thing in it so it was worth while.

To take a look at how it works or subscribe to Pink Parcel visit their website here, you can get your first box for just £9.95.

I'd like to say thank you again to them for sending me out a box to review and that these are all my own genuine thoughts and opinions.

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