Monday, 4 April 2016


A Fairly Short & Sweet Review 

You may or may not have heard about the trend of using Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as face primer? Well there are loads of people raving about it saying its super good to use a primer. The balm contains no alcohol so shouldn't dry out your face and is sensitive to skin. I wanted to give this a try as I'm all about affordable solutions when it comes to beauty. I think the reason it blew up all over social media is because of the cheap price tag, people pay up to like £40 + for high end primers and £25 for the popular Benefit POREfessional (which i am yet to try) so at £5.35 if the Nivea Balm works your winning.

So I first tried this on my legs when doing my 5 Steps To Smooth Legs post on my legs and it was great my legs were sooo smooth I loved it. I think ill defo be using it on my legs from now on especially if I have a dress occasion . Its quite a runny consistency I was expecting it to be quite thick I think maybe because I associate the word balm to be quite thick or solid. It has a manly smell though so if you don't want your legs to smell like mens aftershave this is not for you! hahaha (although the smell does go away)

So after I used it on my legs and the results were great I was super keen to try it on my face and so I did the next day. I applied it to a freshly washed face and allowed it to dry before putting on make up. If I remember correctly I applied two layers as my skin was dry that day. By the end of the day I had noticed no difference in my make up i.e smoother look, staying on longer but I thought hey my skin was dry today ill try again tomorrow.

I tried again for the next few day but honestly I really didn't notice a difference, I didn't even find the balm very moisturising, I'd always need a few layers. I was testing how it was as a primer and as a primer it failed in my opinion. This could be because I have dry skin, maybe this would work well for a oily skin type but I cant help you there.  To be honest I don't really see at all how people have been getting so excited about this product claiming it works wonders as a primer :s Unfortunately I've not come across a primer yet that's not a total waste of money! I much prefer the deodorant sticks to sprays or roll ons as they are much thicker and I think they work much better. So if I could design a primer I think id make it like a ACTUAL balm/of the same consistency as deodorant sticks, behold we have 'A Primer Stick'. Well maybe theres one out there who knows?  If anyone knows of a primer that actually works please link it in the comments below.


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