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Quick fix products
I have chosen some of my favourite quick fix products.
Batiste dry shampoo
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is the best quick fix if your hair is looking dull or greasy. You know those really annoying days you get up and remember that you forgot to wash your hair the night before and your in a rush to leave the house? Or you purposely tried to put off washing your hair convincing yourself you'd get away with another day before having to wash it and then hey presto you wake up a grease ball? Yeah dry shampoo's your answer. Its good for our hair if we wash it spareingly as the oils in our hair protect it and keep it healthy so by washing it we strip our hair of these natural oils. By using dry shampoo we can get more time in between washes for our hair which = healthier hair.  For me nothing beats Batiste when it comes to dry shampoo but then I haven't tried every dry shampoo out there. 
Fake Bake Self-tanning spray
Fake Bake Airbrush Self-tanner
This Airbrush self-tan is the quickest way to apply fake tan. I use it for my face, chest and arms mainly (obviously if my legs aren't showing that day) I usually apply a layer of moisturiser to my face and neck, allow that to sink in and then spray the tan onto my skin. I then usually wait 5-10 mins for the tan to fully dry before putting on my make up.  I would advise you to use this in a bathroom if doing your whole body as there can be over spray, best thing to do is to stand in the empty bath or shower and spray away. 
Bath and body works mini hand sanitiser
Bath&Body Works Anti-Bac Hand Gel
This hand gel is perfect to keep in your handbag and use when out and about or using public transport. This gel smells amazingggg, a bit like a floral/watermelon perfume. This particular hand gel is from a store called Bath&Body Works which is actually in America but I'm sure you'd easily be able to find a fab smelling hand gel where ever you are in the world. They are super handy pun intended.
Victorias secret mini perfume
Victoria Secret Mini Noir Tease Perfume
I got this mini Victoria Secret perfume at Christmas and its another great little addition to your handbag. When ever you feel you need a little sproose this appetiser size fragrance comes in handy. I'm hoping these little loves are not just a thing they do at Christmas but all year round as it just saves bringing out you normal sized bottles of perfume which if your like me don't bother to bring out at all because you cant be bothered to carry it. This particular one smells soooooo nice, but I know they had a few others which probably all smell amazing.
Newlook Pure colour grey matte nail varnish
Newlook Pure Colour Grey Matte Nail Varnish
This nail varnish is the a perfect quick fix for your nails I've never had a nail varnish that dries so fast! I think its something to do with it being a matte varnish. You ever go to go out and look at your chipped nails and think I cant go out with these, you really want to paint over them but you know it will take forever to dry and you'll only end up chipping them? Don't we all, well this nail varnish is perfect for a occasion like that. If you've always got chipped nails you may want to get one of these varnishes in a dark colour so any time you need to quickly paint over your chipped polish you know the colour will cover the previous colour. This particular colour is called 'Light Grey' but I'd say it was a purpleish grey colour which I love!
ebay fake strip eyelashes
EBay False Eyelashes 
Obviously all fake lashes are a quick fix for getting glam eye make up look or just simply longer/thicker lashes. Well these lashes are actually from eBay and they came in a pack of 10 for £1!! these have actually been my favourite eyelashes Ive ever used as they're not too long or too thick they do have a little over hanging plastic on each end but I just cut that off with scissors I also use a different type of glue for any strip lashes I use, I either use individual lash adhesive or hair extensions glue now I am in now way advising you to try this as you may not like how strong the glue is or may be allergic to these products I'm simply telling you what I use.

Do you use any of these quick fix products?
Do you have any quick fix favourites of your own?


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