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Pure Aura Natural Deodorant
Pure Aura natural deodorant

Crystal Spring kindly sent me out their Pure Aura Salt Of The Earth natural deodorant to review.

The deodorant is:
  • Lavender and Vanilla scented
  • It contains 15 natural botanical extracts and oils
  • It's free from Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Parabens and Triclosan 
  • Its made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Its made with aloe vera 
  • Its is not tested on animals
  • It is multi award-winning 
and for all those reasons I was excited to try it.

Sweaty Betty
As someone who sweats when their cold (yes everyone seems to think thats weird) as well as hot deodorant is something I cant live without, as I'm sure many of us can't. So first I stopped using aerosols after reading the risks of using them, then I moved onto roll on which never seemed to work for me. It would get me through a normal day but if I had been cold or hot that day it just wasn't enough, for all you people who hardly sweat your the lucky ones but I just wont go anywhere without a deodorant in my bag. Next I tried Dove deodorant antiperspirant sticks and finally after 23 years I found a deodorant that actually really worked and would last all day but I then found out about all the toxins and health risks that came with these deodorants I've been using my whole life. That's when my quest to find a alternative/natural deodorant began.

Trials & Tribulations 
First I tried Bionsen stick deodorant which was aluminium free and this just didn't work like the Dove stick I was re-applying through out the day and it had a confusing smell to it which I ended up associating with me thinking I smelt sweaty but it was just the smell of the deodorant (my friends who use this also said the same) so it was time to move on. I then tried a Lush solid and powder deodorant which were frankly awful they didn't work at all, all they did was smell nice. This left me feeling disheartened about finding a natural deodorant which worked for me. So having the opportunity to try out the Pure Aura Spray was super exciting although I was was worried it would be as awful as the Lush one but that's not the case! 

The Verdict
So first up the smell of the spray is unlike any other deodorant I've ever smelt, I really like it, its quite strong at first and then it becomes more mild just like any other deodorant really.  Its in a spray bottle and comes out as a liquid which is a first for me as I've never tried one like this before. It can feel a bit sticky after applying it initially as its drying but then the stickyness goes away and actually its far less sticky that and stick or roll on. I can happily say that the Pure Aura Salt Of The Earth spray is certainly the most effective natural deodorant I've tried, I'd be lying if I said it worked as well as the Dove stick but some days I did get away with just one application which compared to the other natural ones was super impressive.

I'm beginning to give up hope that I'll ever find a natural deodorant thats as effective as the Dove stick but I'm glad I've found Crystal Spring as I now have a alternative. I think I'll be using the Pure Aura spray regularly from now on but on the days I know I'm going to be working out or might get to hot or cold ill have to use the Dove stick. Although I feel like giving up hope I wont as Pure Aura do also have a stick deodorant which I will have to try as this might just be the answer to all my prayers.
If your not the sweatiest of people I have all the confidence that this deodorant will work for you and get you away from the horrid toxins that live in all the the non natural deodorants. You can shop Crystal Spring here please let me know how you get on or your thoughts if you try them out.

Have you ever tried a natural deodorant?
Do you want to try one?   


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