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bentonite clay face mask
I love a face mask and I try to use them weekly. Usually I use lush face masks or I been known to try all kinds of homemade masks but not so long ago I discovered a simple homemade detoxing face mask and its amazing! Its SUPER easy to make as theres only TWO! ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling soooo soft and it has amazing health benefits to your skin.
You sold yet?

The ingredients to this mask are:
Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar (or water is just fine as an alternative)

and that is literally it!

Bentonite Clay also know as "Healing Clay" is extracted from volcanic ash. When mixed with liquid the clay creates a electrical charge and draws out toxins (such as heavy metals we build up from eating processed foods and even in the air) from your skin and body. The clay also has other benefits which include:

Contains many minerals 
Heals and regenerates the skin
Treats acne (prevent breakouts and help clean up acne)
Unclogs and shrinks pores 
Prevents blackheads 
Even out skin tone 
bentonite healing clay
When mixing your mask its advised that you use a non metallic bowl and mixing utensil so this can be glass, wood, plastic, just not metal as it can reduce the masks effectivity by binding to the metal. I use a bamboo bowl and a wooden spoon from my kitchen.
bentonite healing clay face mask essentials
One tip I have when using this mask is ignore all natural urges to scrunch your face up and crack your mask. This results in becoming itchy to the point I wanted to take it off however if you don't crack it it doesn't itch at all.  You'll feel it tightening but just let the mask do its magic. I leave the mask on for about 20 minutes but its up to you how long you want to leave it on. you skin may look a bit red after washing the mask off (this happened to me once and redness was minimal)  this is totally normal and goes away in no time. the mask is absolutely suitable for sensitive skin it just advises that you leave it on for a shorter amount of time. 

You can also use bentonite clay in your bath for a detoxing bath or use it in a foot bath. Another great way to use it which I have tried myself is to use it on your armpits this can help draw out the heavy metals that are in your deodorant, which have been known to be a cause of breast cancer. You might want to do the armpit detox just before getting in the bath as cleaning up could get messy. 

You can buy the the clay here
and the apple cider vinegar here
if you want a bamboo bowl similar to mine you can one here
( any wooden bowl will do just fine) 


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