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useful apps
Obviously the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and Twitter are in my list of favourite apps but who's aren't they in? In this post i'm showing you some of my other most used and loved apps of all time

Heres a quick look at my Favourites ...
useful apps

Around Me
around me app icon
This app is great, it shows you all the local businesses near your current location. so if your out and about especially visiting somewhere you've never been before maybe you fancy a quick drink? Bite to eat? Need a ATM? Need a hotel? looking for parking? And the list goes on. it will tell you how far the place is your looking for and a map of how to get there.

pinterest app icon
Pinterest is my favourite app for inspo. people make groups of images usually of a certain category which other people can view, like save ect. I used Pinterest alot when I entered the world of modelling it gave me inspiration for makeup, hair styles, outfit styling, themes, locations, poses and so on. I was able to make collections to show photographers a "mood board" before shoots. Ive also used it for party ideas, valentines day ideas, blog post ideas.. damn it Ive even used it for font inspiration. 

facetune app icon
This is a app I use for editing my photos even the picture at the top of this post has been edited using Facetune. Its not the only app I use for editing but it one of my favourites. You can brighten, whiten, smooth, filter, crop (and more) your photos with this app, this one I payed a small price for. 


depop app icon
On this app you can sell and buy stuff, clothes, make-up, products, accessories, home items you name it. Swapping items is also common on this app. You can leave reviews for buyers or sellers and let other people know if they a reliable buyer/seller. You post images of the item your selling at a price you decide with a small description and await the customers. Depop take 10% of the price you sold the item for. Once you have sold a item you are able to see the buyers address so you can post the item. (you can also set a separate amount for the cost of postage)

I use this app for selling personally but I have seen some nice stuff on there which tempts me every time I use the app. I defiantly recommend checking it out.

My Depop username : robyn_ldn

glow app icon
This app if for the ladies! Sorry lads. I think this app is fab,  its a menstrual and ovulation calculator which helps women learn about their fertility, whether attempting pregnancy or avoiding it! on this app you can record your period, mood, symptoms, sex ect. You complete a daily log and once completed you usually receive tips, whether it be how to deal with high stress levels better or how to ease other symptoms. The app tells you when you most likely fertile, when your period is due and you can set reminders for medications, birth control or other forms of contraception.

You can also engage in conversations about periods, sex, relationships, health, lifestyle ect.
You may have a question you want to ask, maybe you want to find out if your symptoms are normal? If other people experience them? You can ask questions anonymously or un anonymously. you can also create polls, participate in polls, post images and links. 

I defiantly recommend all you ladies check this app out.

What are your favourite apps?


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