Monday, 22 February 2016


sony a5000 mirrorless camera
YAYYYY!! Today I picked up this beaut :D I wanted this camera for ages.
After doing loads of research into cameras (im no expert) I decided to go for the Sony A5000. Some of the main reasons I was attracted to this particular camera are:

It provides DSLR quality images without being as bulky as a DSLR
It has a rotating LCD screen so you can see yourself when filming or taking selfies. 
You can transfer your pictures from your camera to your phone using wifi 
You can tilt the flash and make indoor pictures look like they're shot in daylight
Its reasonable price!

One downside to this camera is the audio quality of the videos as many other cameras have better audio quality but I didn't find this a major problem as I can get a mic to record better audio for my videos if it really bothers me.

I was getting slightly disheartened using my iphone to take all my pictures as id go to all the effort of trying to get good lighting, placement, taking 100 photos for one shot and editing them and still end up with pictures not as good as all the thousands of other bloggers out there. If you want to create a good blog that gets attention not only is it about good content but its about the style/look of your blog and I felt like my iphone pictures were holding back my blog, at times I wanted to give up.

This camera will bring a new lease of life into the blog and now I can even think about taking videos! Bare with me as I get used to using the camera like I said im no expert this is all new to me but hopefully ill be taking expert blog pictures in no time ;)  
sony a5000 mirrorless camera


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