Tuesday, 9 February 2016


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Hi guys I thought id share with you the mac products I've used and which ones I think are worth buying and which giving a miss.

I love the colour and quality of my eyeshadow however I wish it lasted longer the colour I have has a light shimmer to it so I wonder if the matte shadows would last longer I will defiantly give them a try. I would recommend this product however I do feel you may be able to get the same quality somewhere else cheaper. Sorry Mac!

Mac pigment is great it lasts ages and is bursting with colour the ONLY down side it as its loose powder it can give you the line on your eyelids where the product gathers. I advise to use a eye primer with this and maybe even mix a drop of eyelash glue into the amount you want to apply to give it extra strength. I would recommend this product.

I love my mac lipstick!!! Im sure everyone thats owned one will agree they're are great quality lipsticks defiantly recommend you add at least one to your make up bag.

Mac lip pencils are great they are good quality have great colours and the pencils are quite long so they last a good while. I would recommend this product.

When I first used this product I loved it. It was good quality and I loved the colour it suited my eyebrows perfectly however it didn't last long at all the amount you get in the applicator is A LOT less than I expected. I stopped buying this as unfortunately I didn't feel it was worth the money for the amount of product you get, over all i recommend the product but not at its current price.

I found this foundation too thick it felt really heavy on the skin and had kinda of "foundation smell" to it. I don't feel this foundation is good for dry skin and overall I wouldn't recommend this foundation.

I liked the feel of this foundation on my skin I found it complementing to my dry skin I like the coverage it gives and overall would recommend this product.

I bought this product in the lightest shade however I still didn't find it light enough to get the desired highlighting effect i wanted to achieve. also i feel there are other product on the market that are of the fairly same quality at a cheaper cost.

I found this concealer great its gives excellent coverage it was nice and creamy (how i like my concealers) i feel it is priced fairly for its quality and id defiantly recommend this product.

I havent actually owned any mac brushes but I have used lots (thanks mum) I find their brushes to be good quality no bristles falling out all the time ect however they do come at a price a price. I feel you could defiantly find the same quality somewhere else much cheaper my favourite brushes at the moment are Real Techniques they are great quality, will last long and i feel are reasonably priced. You can buy sets of these brushes a save money.

What are your favourite/worst Mac products?


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