Tuesday, 27 October 2015


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First post on the blogg! Waaahooo how exciting after all the initial stress of trying to set it up with no idea of what im doing, I can finally enjoy it :). I thought id use my first post to introduce myself and let you know a few things about me. I found a 'get to know me tag' series of questions I thought would be a good way of me telling you a little bit about me.

Ive started this blog bacause ive always enjoyed giving my opinion/advice/tips on things and how better to do that than a blog?..

Im not 100% sure what ill feature on my blog as of yet i think ill just see where it takes me, i love fashion and beauty (im a qualified beautician) so im sure they'll be lots of posts on those on here. Also im really into healthy eating/living and forever sharing tips and info i find with friends, so maybe youll find some of those posts popping up too.

Now for the questions..

Vital Stats...
Name: Robyn Samantha Durham
Nickname: I have loads from different people but one most people think its okay to give me and i hate is rob  -_-
Birthday: 19th of september
Place of birth: Archway in North London
Star Sign: Virgo
Righty or Lefty? Righty

Hair colour: Dark blonde
Length: Id say medium because its not as long as id like :(
Eye colour: Blue/green
Piercings: Only my ears but i never wear earrings :/
Tattoos:  Nope

Award: Probably for dancing
Real holiday: Malia when i was 18 (most of us are guilty of this)
Concert: Destinys child
Job: In a hairdressers

Film: Tie between Intersellar and UP
Tv show: I hold my hands up its Geordie shore
Colour: Purple
Restaurant: GBK (gourmet burger kitchen)
Store: Topshop
Book: The Secret
Shoes: My over the knee boots

Feeling: Sleepy
Single or taken: Taken
Eating: Pistachio cookies
Listening to: My boyfriend make music
Thinking about: My next blog post
Watching : errr the computer
Wearing: a big fluffy roll neck jumper and girl boxers (ive just thought about how odd that is)

Want children: Yes
Want marriage: Yes
Carrers in mind: Not sure just seeing where life takes me
Where to live: Somewhere HOT!

Do you believe in...
God: No
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: i would say no but Stephen James makes me think otherwise
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: 80% yes haha
Soul mates: Yeahhh
Heaven: Undecided
Hell: Undecided
Kissing on the first date: Yeah lifes too short
Yourself: 100%

So theres a few random facts about me, thanks for reading and please do let me know what you'd like to see featured on my blog.

x Robyn x


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