Monday, 18 July 2016


This was my first year at Henley Regatta and to be totally honest I'd never heard of it before I was invited! Once I secretly googled it to see what it was I thought it sounded like a lovely day and theres no way I could miss it.

The night before Henley Regatta I stayed up in Reading with a beautiful bunch of bloggers that I've met at previous events - Lauren/ Blonde Vision  Jessica/ Jessica KG Charlotte/Vanity Fairest Rachel/ Rachel Tries Life Laura/That Girl Behind The Mask Fran/Franny Mac Jenny/Dream In Pink

We had a chilled evening with a romantic pizza dinner (ha) and girly chat. In the morning it was all systems go with 5 girls getting ready together, we each had our own make up stations and our inner blogger didn't allow us to do this without trying out each others make up and practically giving a product review on everything we own. Once we were all ready it was time for a few cheeky selfies and a glass of prosecco before we got our taxi to Henley.
We took a picnic with us which mainly consisted of chocolate, crisps and more prosecco (obvs). The sausage rolls didn't make it past the journey there. After eating we then watched a few races go by before heading to the Chinawhite enclosure.
Thankfully the weather stayed nice for us, had we have gone the day after it would have been a total different story! Although it was nice weather I soon regretted wearing a backless dress and not bringing a coat out with me. ( Thank you Rachel for lending me your cardigan you lifesaver! )
On to Chinawhite...
So unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice but Chinawhite had a large marquee equipped with seating areas a bar and dance floor, outdoor seating areas, a food hut and the poshest portaloos I've ever used! 

In the first few hours at the Chinawhite enclosure was the at atmosphere was chilled everyone was just socialising and drinking and in the later hours many more people joined the party and everyone was on the dance floor. The music was so good all night and its fair to say we were all so sad when it came to home time, we all wanted to carry on partying the night away. 

I honestly had the best day with the amazing girls and I cannot wait for next year, Chinawhites we will be back!!
Checklist for next year:
Coat! (even though its nice in the day it can be chilly in the night)
Impressive Picnic (our crisps and chocolate didn't quite match up to the extravagant effort gone to by some and left me trekking in heels for the nearest burger)
Picnic Blanket (trying to fit 8 girls on one picnic table was not easy)
Camera (iphone pictures just don't cut it)

Apologies for the iPhone pictures I was unable to take my camera out with me.
                           Here a short vlog of our day at henley again filmed on the iPhone.


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