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NYX product reviews
NYX products
As you may have already seen from previous posts I went to the Professional Beauty show in February and whilst I was there invested in a few NYX products. NYX has been plastered all over my instagram feed for months so i wanted to try some out. Boots have just started selling NYX products and I've heard they're going to have their own counters in the large Boots stores (hopefully no just a rumour) So I've had time to try out all my products and now I can let you all know what I think of them ...
NYX lipstick
Matte Lipstick (MLS33)
I felt this was a good lipstick, not quite MAC but then it was also far from a MAC price tag. I would compare it to the same quality as a Rimmel lipstick. I loveee the shade of this lipstick it was exactly what I wanted, its a nice creamy lipstick that doesn't overly dry out your lips. I wouldn't say it was predominantly matte though (like Lip Kit By Kylie matte) but then I wasn't expecting it to be although its totally not shiny or glossy so defiantly gives a matte effect. Overall for what you pay for I feel you get a good product and your moneys worth.
NYX lipstick swatch

NYX lipliners
Lip Liner Pencils (Soft Brown 819/Brown Cafe 821)
I think these lip liners are so reasonably priced a just £3, I love the colours they come in choosing two was hard! They're quite creamy liners which is good for blending into lipstick, I thought that this might mean that because they're creamy they could easily transfer onto things and not last very long. So I tested it out by applying them and dabbing my lips with tissue and I got very minimal transfer. To be honest I can't really fault these liners id defiantly say go get yourself some of these liners and grab a bargain.

NYX super skinny marker
Super Skinny Eye Marker (Carbon Black SSEM)
I wanted one of these for ages because it takes me many attempts to get my eyeliner right so I thought maybe a actual pen would make it easier. I hate to say it but this product was awful :( It was one of the more pricey items out of my bunch and it was a total let down. I was slightly confused as to how it worked, there was no button or way to twist it to get more product onto the nib of the marker at this point it left me thinking well the only thing to do is shake it ... so I did but it didn't seem to get any more product out, how you do still remains a mystery to me. So as you can see from the pictures below the product comes out very faint not how I like my eyeliner to be! Its also a nightmare to draw it over eyeshadow, practically impossible unlike all the other eyeliners I've ever used. I don't really know where they was going with this product, is does say its a eye marker so I'm presuming I've been using it correctly only it hasn't been successful in doing its job even slightly. Unfortunately id have to say if your looking for a eye liner give this one a miss. Has anyone else found any other pen type eyeliners to be not as good as a liquid liner?

NYX Eyeshadow palette
NYX eyeshadow Love In Rio
Love In Rio Eyeshadow Trio (Cabana Boy LIR17)
Choosing a palette was super hard they had so many that all looked amazing. I chose this palette because I wear quite neutral tones all the time and I liked that this had a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows. You have to apply quite a bit of the gold to really make it stand out but overall the quality of these shadows are good. I'd defiantly say go out and get one yourself a NYX palette but beware you'll be spoilt for choice!
NYX eyeshadow swatch

NYX setting Spray Matte Finish
Setting Spray (Matte Finish)
These lil babies were flying off the shelves at the beauty show and id never tried a setting spray so I thought id give it a go. To be totally honest with you id be lying if I said I knew if this product worked or not. I mean how do you test it? See if your make up lasts longer? Well in that case I haven't noticed a big enough difference in how much make up stays on to comment on it. The only thing I can say is that the spray is meant to give you a matte finish and I wouldn't say that it does. The spray doesn't leave your face wet, dewy or shiny at all so in that way it works but it doesn't make your face any more matte than your make up already is in my opinion. If I change my mind on this product or more like come to some sort of conclusion I will update you guys! 

NYX eyeshadows
NYX eyeshadows
Eyeshadows/Matte Shadow (Own The Night HS84/ Coquette HS13)(Bare My Soul NMS14)
Again I chose 3 quite neutral tones. NYX have a great selection of colours to choose from they also a few different types of eyeshadows.  I love the packaging (if that's what you call it) its quite similar to MAC. The Bare My Nude shadow is called a Nude Matte Shadow, I don't know if its meant to be any different to the other 2 shadows but as you can see below it didn't come out any more matte than the others. I found that the Coquette shade needed more product to get a good coverage of the colour. On the whole I would say these are good shadows and at the ridiculously low price of £3.50 they're more than reasonably priced.
NYX eyeshadow swatches
Have you tried any NYX products? If so which ones? What did you think of them?
Which one of these products would you like to try?

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