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As you might know from my Some Of My Christmas Goddies post I got a Nutribullet for christmas and its my new bestfriend. Ive made loads of different smoothies using some recipes from the fab book that came with the Nutribullet but also making some of my own smoothie recipes up as I go along, and this recipe has to be my favourite so far. So here it is...

Apple, Celery, Lime, Pear and Mint

homemade smoothie
1x Apple 
Apple Juice Or Water
1-2 Sticks Of Celery
1/2 A Large Lime Or 1 Whole Small Lime
1 Juicy Pear
Around 8-12 Leaves Of Mint 

smoothie ingredients

First wash all of the ingredients before use, then cut them up into chunks ready for blending.
Blend the celery, apple, pear, half a limes juice, 8 mint leaves and some apple juice or water (as much as you want depending on your desired consistency).

smoothie ingredients

Now taste your smoothie and decide if you would like to add more mint and lime juice. 
I do it this way as the lime juice especially can be overpowering and make the smoothie taste very sour and this way you can taste as you go along making sure you don't ruin the taste of the smoothie. With the right amount of these this smoothie tastes amazing I assure you!

If you want to add a little antioxidant boost to this smoothie you can add 1-2 dessert spoonfuls of Organic Barley Grass can be shopped Here. This is optional as you will most likely be able to taste the Barley Grass in the smoothie however I personally like the taste and add it to lots of smoothies I make. If you choose to use Barley Grass and want to dilute the taste a bit I advise using apple juice instead of water in this recipe.

smoothie ingredients

Here are some of the possible health benefits from each ingredient of this smoothie:

Apple -
Reduce the risk of Alzheimers/Parkinsons/Dementia/Strokes
Prevents Cancer
Decrease the risk of Diabetes
Reduce the risk of Cholesterol
Promotes good heart health 
Helps in the prevention of  Gallstones
Relives Constipation
Neutralise IBS
Control weight
Detoxify your Liver 
Helps in the prevention of Cataracts
Promotes good lung health

Pears -
Helps prevent high blood pressure
Helps prevent Cancer
Lowers Cholesterol
Promotes good colon health
Relives Constipation
Promotes good energy levels in the body
Relives Fever
Boosts immune system
Anti inflammatory effects on the body
Helps in the Prevention of Osteoporosis

Celery -
Lowers blood pressure 
Helps Prevent Cancer
Aids Heartburn
Aids Digestion
Boosts immune system
Reduces Asthma symptoms 
Promotes good cardiovascular health
Relives Migraines
Helps Prevent UTIs

Lime -
Promotes good skin health
Aids digestion
Aids Constipation 
Helps prevent Diabetes/ regulates blood sugar levels
Lowers blood pressure/ prevents heart disease
Promotes good eye health
Prevents Gout

Mint -
Aids digestion
Aids memory loss
Promotes weight loss
Prevents cancer
Promotes good skin health 
Helps menstural camps/pain
Boosts immune system

Barley Grass -
Anti-oxidant power
Boosts immune system
Helps prevent cancer
Protection from free radicals
Fights addictions and cravings
Alkalizing effects on the body
Rich in Vitamin E, Iron and Zinc

(I have collected this information through my own personal research on the internet)

Hope you all enjoy this recipe and feel the benefits!


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